Professor Shi Yangjia  visited Bengkulu Universita, Indonesia on 9/12 and gave a lecture

  • 2023-09-13
  • 醫技系助
Professor Shi Yangjia from the Department of Medical Laboratory Medicine and Biotechnology of Asia University attended the opening event and group photo of Bengkulu International Health Symposium in Indonesia
The governor of Bengkulu (a man wearing yellow traditional Indonesian clothing) issued a certificate of thanks to the speaker.
Professor Shi Yangjia also gave gifts in return to the principal of Bengkulu School (lady in traditional Sichuan-Indonesian dress) and the chairperson of the seminar (men in suit).
He also gave a speech in the morning session. The topic of the speech was: the current development status of Taiwan’s precision medicine industry.
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In the afternoon, Dr. Shi Yangjia was invited to give two guest lectures to 120 students from three departments (Department of Pharmacy, Department of Food and Nutrition, and Department of Medical Laboratory and Biotechnology).
Speech topic 1: Advanced biotechnology analysis and maintenance product development
Speech Topic 2: Functional health food research and development and product introduction for non-communicable diseases
During this trip to Indonesia, Professor Shi Yangjia introduced the Department of Medical Laboratory Science and Biotechnology of Asia University and conducted international student recruitment activities.
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