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STEP1:Go to the student information system and confirm that you are eligible for graduation certificate!

STEP2:Enter personal data in the database of alumni.

STEP3:Submit a self-check sheet for graduation credits for students of Asia University's Department of Medical Laboratory Science and Biotechnology (according to the year of admission) (please print it out and attach the transcript (printed by the student information system) + education lecture certificate + License.

STEP4: "UCAN" and "Graduate Satisfaction Questionnaire" must be completed.

STEP5: Go to the department office to receive the graduation certificate.

1. Bring identification documents

2. Confirm personal data
3. Join the LINE group of Asian University Medical Technology Alumni

1. Please fill in the graduation credit self-check form according to the admission form
2. Please fill in "scores" instead of "course credits" in the score area
3. Self-acknowledgment area please use the "tick mode"
4. Please attach the transcript (printed out by the student information system) + certificate of general education report + license 
(for admission after 2017)
5.Please mark beside the course title if you would like to use credits waiver and transference. (Credits waiver and transference application form submission is required)
6.Applicable to A, B type certificate list before 2020 academic year admission. (If the certificate is not on the list, the certificate type is blank and will be censored by the department office)



BT105, BT14  Graduation Credit Self-CheckList

MLSB106, BT15  Graduation Credit Self-CheckList

MLSB107, BT16  Graduation Credit Self-CheckList

MLSB108, BT17  Graduation Credit Self-CheckList

MLSB109, MT01  Graduation Credit Self-CheckList