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The Development of Direction


Direction of development:
The department is based on biotechnology, focusing on renewed medical inspection technology, combined with the research and development of artificial intelligence, with the improvement of precision medical inspection. 
In addition to providing professional courses such as basic biotechnology knowledge and medical examination professional skills and knowledge, it also strengthens the development of "new diagnosis, new treatment and prevention of precision medicine", "artificial intelligence biotechnology" and "new agriculture" and other future biotechnology important relevant research and courses in the direction to meet the future trends of artificial intelligence and precision medicine.


The future of graduation:

  • As a medical examiner, engaged in clinical medical laboratory practice and research and development work.
  • Work as a public official in criminal forensics, medical and health care, and disease prevention an officer or administrative officer for epidemic control, environmental sanitation and biotechnology inspection.
  • After studying in medical test or biotechnology related research institutes at home and abroad professorial staff.
  • Engaged in medical biotechnology, agricultural, fishery, animal husbandry biotechnology and other industries at home and abroad research and development staff.
  • Acted as the institution and institute of biomedical research centers and universities Medical laboratory or biotechnology research staff of clinical medical institutions member.
  • R & D, planning, and implementation of medical inspection and biotechnology industries at home and abroad sales or management personnel or senior executives.