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The Features of Profession

  • Professional Features:
  • Cradle of professional clinical medical examiner:
    After completing the clinical internship course, students in this department can obtain the qualifications of applying for the advanced examination of medical examiners, and then obtain the medical examiner's certificate, and then go to major hospitals, biotechnology companies, and laboratories, but work as clinical examiner.
  • Develop biotechnology product R & D capabilities:
  • This department attaches great importance to the combination of theory and practice, with particular emphasis on students 'ability in practical aspects, and is oriented to cultivate students' ability to have innovative thinking.
  • Diversified and rich and distinctive courses:
  • The curriculum of this department is rich and diverse. In addition to the national examination curriculum planning for medical examiners, it also covers basic biology, chemistry, medicine, and applied biotechnology and clinical medicine. In addition, there are also courses in precision biomedicine and smart medical examination for students to study.