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The Welcome Speech by The Department Chairman


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Dear students and visiting guests:

Hello everyone! I am Yuan-Li Huang, the Medical Laboratory and Biotechnology chairman, Asia University. On behalf of the faculty and students, I welcome all of you to visit our website.

Biotechnology has always been listed as an essential development policy in countries worldwide. Since 1982, my country has listed biotechnology as one of the eight critical technologies. Later, the "Taiwan's biotechnology take-off diamond action plan" and "5+2 industry innovation plan" were announced. The government takes biotechnology development as one of the critical industries in my country's development. In particular, Taiwan's resources are limited. The development of biotechnology with high added value is a national policy and a social expectation.

The department emphasizes biotechnology and focuses on developing new medical technologies, with the development direction of improving precision medical testing and emphasizing academic research and clinical technology as the characteristic of the department. In addition to providing professional courses such as basic biotechnology knowledge and medical examination professional skills and knowledge, there are also relevant research and courses on the integration and development of "medical biotechnology," "precision medicine," and "new agriculture" in important future biotechnology directions. In line with the future trends of artificial intelligence and precision medicine, it is necessary to cultivate medical talents. In the light of the "New Southbound Policy," the government launched the "one country, one center" strategy to develop more medical talents who combine medical testing and biotechnology to promote my country and Southeast Asia. Exchanges between partner countries enhance our country's international reputation and our school.

The training personnel of this department is based on the combination of "theory" and "practice." The goal is to become a high-quality medical inspection and biotechnology talent training center, in line with the national promotion of the 5+2 industry innovation plan for the biomedical industry. Taiwanese biomedicine has entered the digital, precision, and big data medical care era. Therefore, after the graduates of this department have undergone the two-degree training of this department, their job market can not only enter the medical system as "medical examiners" to make up for the severe shortage of medical examination personnel in hospitals in Huadong and remote rural areas, but also can invest in the innovative research and development of technologies and reagents in the vast fields of biotechnology and medicine and health, quality management assurance, and management of the industrial market, so as to broaden the employment market and social competitiveness of students.

The department pays special attention to visible products and links with industries. The established research center for edible and medicinal mushrooms is related to the six emerging industries promoted by the Executive Yuan, such as pharmaceutical biotechnology, refined agriculture, and biomass energy. These centers are the first and unique research centers in the country. They are well-equipped and advanced and have fruitful research and development results. The research on edible mushrooms is not only from the cultivation and production of automatic environmental control. Still, it has also been transferred to the study of health care and medicinal use. In addition, Wufeng is an important town in my country's mushroom industry. The department can be connected to the local area to strengthen the mushroom industry and fulfill the university's social responsibility.

This department combines "Medical Laboratory" and "Biotechnology." The curriculum covers basic biology, chemistry, medicine, and clinical medical laboratory courses. It complies with the National Vocational Technical Higher Examination for Medical Laboratory Technologists. After graduating from this department, including completing the courses and the internship period, students can meet the qualifications for the national examination for medical examiners. In addition, the department also attaches great importance to the cultivation of talents in basic and applied biotechnology. The faculty includes basic medicine and biotechnology teachers, clinical medicine teachers, and medical laboratory teachers. The research areas of our faculties cover basic and clinical medicine, microbial applications, agricultural biotechnology, health care nutrition, chemical synthesis, ecological conservation, microbial testing, molecular testing, and other directions, covering most areas of biotechnology.

With this, I wish you all good health and good luck!

Yours sincerely,
Yuan-Li Huang