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The Welcome Speech by The Leader of Department


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Welcome speech by the head of department:


Dear students and visiting guests:


Hello everyone! I am Yuan-Li Huang, the head of the Department of Medical Laboratory and Biotechnology, Asia University. On behalf of the faculty and students, I would like to welcome all of you to visit our website.


    Biotechnology has always been listed as an important development policy by countries around the world. Since 1982, China has listed biotechnology as one of the eight key technologies, and later the two trillion double stars emphasized biotechnology-based industries, Taiwan ’s biotechnology take-off diamond action plan, and the “5 + 2 industry innovation plan” mentioned this year. The development of biotechnology is as one of the key industries inTaiwan. In particular, Taiwan has limited resources and the development of biotechnology with high added value is not only a national policy but also meets the expectations of society.


This department emphasizes on the basis of biotechnology, and focuses on the development of new medical technology. It promotes the development of precision medical testing, and emphasizes the emphasis on academic research and clinical technology. In addition to providing professional courses such as basic biotechnology knowledge and professional skills and knowledge in medical inspection. It also has related research and courses that integrate the development of "biomedical technology", "precision medicine" and "new agriculture" and other important directions in future biotechnology. Medical talents required to comply with future artificial intelligence and precision medicine trends, in conjunction with the government's "new southward policy", launching the "one country, one center" strategy, fostering more medical talents combining medical testing and biotechnology. The exchanges between partner countries will enhance the international visibility of our country and our university.


The training students of this department is based on the combination of "theory" and "practice", and then becomes a high-quality medical inspection and biotechnology talent cultivation center. It conforms to the talents required by the country to promote the 5 + 2 industry innovation plan for the biomedical industry. Taiwan biomedical has entered the fields of digital, precision, and big data medicine. Therefore, after two semesters of training in this department, graduates of the department can not only invest in the medical system as a "medical examiner" to make up for the serious shortage of medical personnel in hospitals, east site of Taiwan, and rural areas. Invest in the innovative research and development of technologies and reagents in the fields of biotechnology, medicine and health, quality assurance, and management of the industrial market, in order to expand the student employment market and social competitiveness.


This department attaches great importance to visible products and connects industries. From the established research center of edible and medicinal mushrooms, it has been linked to the promotion of six emerging industries by the Executive Yuan in the fields of medicine and biotechnology, fine agriculture and biomass energy. This center is the first and only unique research center in the country. It has not only complete and advanced equipment, but also rich research and development results. The research of edible and medicinal mushrooms is not only controlled by the cultivation and production of automated environmental control, but has also been transferred to the research of health and medicinal directions. Recently, we have also switched to the direction of testing to improve the chain of mushroom industry in the upstream, middle and downstream. In addition, Wufeng is the important town of mushroom industry in Taiwan. This department can connect to the ground to strengthen the mushroom industry and fulfill the university's social responsibility.


This department combines the academic departments of "Medical Examination" and "Biotechnology", covering basic biology, chemistry, medicine, and clinical medical examination courses in the curriculum, and meets the national examination standards for medical vocational examiners. After completing the course and the internship period, students can qualify for the National Examination for Medical Examiners. In addition, the department also attaches importance to the cultivation of talents in basic and applied biotechnology. In terms of teachers, it includes basic medicine and biotechnology teachers, clinical medicine teachers and medical inspection teachers. The research covers basic and clinical medicine, microbiological applications, agricultural biotechnology, health nutrition, chemical synthesis, ecological conservation, microbial inspection, molecular inspection and other directions, covering most areas of biotechnology.


With this, I wish you all good health and good luck!


Yours sincerely,

Yuan-Li Huang