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The Welcome Speech by The Department Chairman



Dear students and visiting guests:

Hello everyone! I am Yi-Chih Chang, chairperson of the Medical Laboratory and Biotechnology at Asia University. On behalf of the faculty and students, I welcome all of you to visit our website.

Biotechnology has always been listed as an essential development policy in countries worldwide. Since 1982, Taiwan has listed biotechnology as one of the eight critical technologies. Later, Taiwan's "biotechnology take-off diamond action plan" and the "5+2 industry innovation plan" were announced. The government views biotechnology development as one of the critical industries for the development of Taiwan. In particular, because Taiwan's resources are limited, the development of high-value biotechnology is both a national policy and a social expectation. 

The department emphasizes biotechnology and focuses on developing new medical technologies with the goal of improving precision medical testing and emphasizing academic research and clinical technology as its characteristics. In addition to providing professional courses such as basic biotechnology and medical examination professional skills, there is also relevant research and courses on the integration and development of "medical biotechnology," "precision medicine," and "new agriculture", which are in line with future trends in artificial intelligence and precision medicine. In the light of the "New Southbound Policy," our government launched programs to develop medical talents in Taiwan and Southeast Asia. This continues to enhance our country's international reputation and that of our school.

Our curriculum complies with the National Vocational Technical Higher Examination for Medical Laboratory Technicians. After graduating from this department, including completing internships required by the Examination Yuan, students are eligible for the National Medical Laboratory Technician Board Examination. In addition to training future medical laboratory technicians, the department is also dedicated to the cultivation of talents in basic and applied biotechnology. The research areas of our faculty cover basic and clinical medicine, microbial applications, agricultural biotechnology, health care nutrition, chemical synthesis, ecological conservation, microbial testing, molecular testing, and other directions, covering most areas of biotechnology.

With this, I wish you all good health and good luck!

Yours sincerely,
Yi-Chih Chang