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To cultivate professional medical examiners and biotechnology R&D talents, the University Department of the Department pays special attention to the combination of theory and practice. In terms of curriculum, in addition to covering subjects related to the advanced examination of medical laboratory technicians, it also attaches great importance to the cultivation of basic biomedicine and clinical medical examination techniques. The relevant course requirements are as follows: University students should complete a total of 128 credits from the school's compulsory, college core, department core courses, and at least elective courses in the department (excluding clinical medical examination courses). The plan is detailed in the 4-year curriculum plan for first-year students admitted to the University Department in the 2020 academic year). Insufficient credits can be supplemented by elective courses other than general education courses (including compulsory school courses and physical education). The professional courses are divided into "Precision Biomedicine," "Smart Medical Examination," and "Clinical Medical Examination" courses. Please refer to the Academic Regulations of the University Department for relevant course regulations.


University graduation threshold

Basic conditions:

1. Accumulated credits of at least 128 credits (including compulsory school courses, college core, department core, major department courses, free study, etc.).
2. Completion of at least one major elective course in the department (required "Smart Medical Examination Course" for the Medical Examination Group; "Precision Biomedical Course" compulsory for the Biotechnology Group).
3. Completion of the program requirements for the entry year

Other conditions:

1. Obtain a basic certificate (Type A) of the department's regulations.
2. Those who take the "off-campus internship" must obtain a professional certificate (type B) regulated by the department.
3. After the mid-term examination of the second semester of the senior year, complete and submit the self-checking form for the graduation program of the department.

The graduation threshold of the department will be implemented after being approved by the department affairs meeting, and the same will be valid when it is revised. For other matters not covered, please follow the school regulations.

2021 International Curriculum Planning
2021 Curriculum Planning