Tze-Kiong ER
Name Tze-Kiong ER
Status Associate Professors
Job title Associate Professor
Education Ph.D., Medicine, Kaohsiung Medical University, Taiwan
Areas of Research Molecular diagnosis
Teaching Courses Clinical microscopy, Medical diagnosis
Year Paper Title
2021 余志強(ER TZE KIONG)*, Rapid cobas Liat SARS-CoV-2 assay in comparison with the laboratory-developed real-time RT-PCR test, Clinical Laboratory, vol.0 no.0 pp.0-0
2021 余志強(ER TZE KIONG)*, A comparison of two molecular methods for detecting CALR mutations in myeloproliferative neoplasms, Clinical Laboratory, vol.67 no.0 pp.2018-2023
2021 余志強(ER TZE KIONG)*, Analytical performance of the VIDASR BRAHMS procalcitonin assay and Beckman Coulter UnicelR DXI procalcitonin assay in a stat laborator, Clinical Laboratory, vol.67 no.0 pp.0-0
2021 余志強(ER TZE KIONG)*, Comparison of manual and automated nucleic acid extraction methods in virus transport medium, Clinical Laboratory, vol.0 no.0 pp.0-0
2019 林志隆、余志強(ER TZE KIONG)*, Identification of a case with heterozygous mutations in the FUT1 gene leading to a para-Bombay phenotype, Clinical Laboratory, vol.65 no.0 pp.2435-2437
2019 Yu-Fa Su(Yu-Fa Su)、Eing-Mei Tsa(Eing-Mei Tsai)、Chih-Chieh C(Chih-Chieh Chen)、Chun-Chieh W(Chun-Chieh Wu)、余志強(ER TZE KIONG)*, Targeted sequencing of a specific gene panel detects a high frequency of ARID1A and PIK3CA mutations in ovarian clear cell carcinoma, CLINICA CHIMICA ACTA, vol.494 pp.1-7
2019 Chih-Chieh C(Chih-Chieh Chen)、Eing-Mei Tsa(Eing-Mei Tsai)、余志強(ER TZE KIONG)*, Endometriosis-associated ovarian cancer: What have we learned so far?, CLINICA CHIMICA ACTA, vol.493 no.0 pp.63-72
2018 蘇郁法(YU-FA SU)、詹子嫻(TZE-HSIEN CHAN)、余志強(ER TZE KIONG)*, Analytical performance of the VIDASR High-sensitivity Troponin I assay and the Beckman Coulter UnicelR DXI AccuTnI+3 assay in a stat laboratory, Clinical Laboratory, vol.0 no.0 pp.0-0
2018 Chia?Yi Hsu(Chia?Yi Hsu)、Tsung?Hua Hs(Tsung?Hua Hsieh)、余志強(ER TZE KIONG)、Hung?Sheng C(Hung?Sheng Chen)、Ching?Chou T(Ching?Chou Tsai)、Eing?Mei Tsa(Eing?Mei Tsai), MiR?381 regulates cell motility, growth and colony formation through PIK3CA in endometriosis?associated clear cell and endometrioid ovarian cancer, ONCOLOGY REPORTS, vol.0 no.0 pp.0-0
2018 余志強(ER TZE KIONG)*、楊道杰(Tao-Chieh Yang)、劉奕泓(Yi-Hong Liu), Heterozygous FUT1 mutations causing a para-Bombay phenotype, Clinical Laboratory, vol.0
2017 余志強(ER TZE KIONG)*, A case of para-Bombay phenotype caused by homozygous mutation of FUT1 gene, Turkish Journal of Hematology, vol.34 pp.356-381
2016 María Sanche(Maria Sanchez-Castanon)、余志強(ER TZE KIONG)、Luis Bujanda(Luis Bujanda)、Marta Herrer(Marta Herreros-Villanueva)*, Immunotherapy in colorectal cancer:What have we learned so far?, CLINICA CHIMICA ACTA no.460 pp.78-87
2016 余志強(ER TZE KIONG)、蘇郁法(YU-FA SU)、吳俊杰(Chun-Chieh Wu)、陳志杰(Chih-Chieh Chen)、王菁(Jing Wang)、謝宗樺(Tsung-Hua Hsieh)、陳婉姿(Wan-Tzu Chen)、陳怡庭(Yi-Ting Chen)、蔡英美(Eing-Mei Tsai)*、陳鴻昇(Hung-Sheng Chen), Targeted next-generation sequencing for molecular diagnosis of endometriosis -associated ovarian cancer, JOURNAL OF MOLECULAR MEDICINE-JMM, vol.94 no.7 pp.835-47
2015 余志強(ER TZE KIONG)、Wang YY(Wang YY)、Chen CC(Chen CC)、Herreros-Vil(Herreros-Villanueva M)、Liu TC(Liu TC)、Yuan SS(Yuan SS)*, Molecular characterization of oral squamous cell carcinoma using targeted next-generation sequencing, ORAL DISEASES no.21 pp.872-8
2015 余志強(ER TZE KIONG)、Herreros-Vil(Herreros-Villanueva M)、Bujanda L(Bujanda L)*, Retinoic Acid Reduces Stem Cell-Like Features in Pancreatic Cancer Cells., PANCREAS, vol.44 no.6 pp.918-924
2015 余志強(ER TZE KIONG)、Lin YC(Lin YC)、Yeh KT(Yeh KT)、Hung CH(Hung CH)、Chang JG(Chang JG)*, Rapid Identification of FGFR2 Gene Mutations in Taiwanese Patients With Endometrial Cancer Using High-resolution Melting Analysis., APPLIED IMMUNOHISTOCHEMISTRY & MOLECULAR MORPHOLOGY, vol.23 no.7 pp.532-537
2015 余志強(ER TZE KIONG)、Lin CW(Lin CW)、Liu TC(Liu TC)、Chen CC(Chen CC)、Wang LH(Wang LH)、Hsieh LL(Hsieh LL)、Tsai WC(Tsai WC)*, Increase EGFR Mutations Detection Rate in Lung Adenocarcinoma by Real-Time PCR Screening Followed by Direct Sequencing., APPLIED IMMUNOHISTOCHEMISTRY & MOLECULAR MORPHOLOGY, vol.23 no.5 pp.343-348
2014 余志強(ER TZE KIONG)、Tsai SY(Tsai SY)、Lin CW(Lin CW)、Chang Jg(Chang Jg)*, Comprehensive analysis of UGT1A1 polymorphisms through high-resolution melting analysis and DNA sequencing., Clinical Laboratory, vol.60 no.6 pp.1015-1026
2014 余志強(ER TZE KIONG)、Chang YS(Chang YS)、Lu HC(Lu HC)、Yeh KT(Yeh KT)、Chang JG(Chang JG)*, Detection of KRAS codon 12 and 13 mutations by mutant-enriched PCR assay, CLINICA CHIMICA ACTA, vol.2014 no.436 pp.169-175
2014 余志強(ER TZE KIONG)、Chih-Chieh C(Chih-Chieh Chen)、Bujanda L(Bujanda L)、Marta Herrer(Marta Herreros-Villanueva)*, Current approaches for predicting a lack of response to anti-EGFR therapy in KRAS wild-type patients., Biomed Research International, vol.2014 no.0 pp.591867(1-8-
2014 余志強(ER TZE KIONG)*、Chang JG(Chang JG), KRAS mutations: analytical considerations, CLINICA CHIMICA ACTA, vol.2014 no.431 pp.211-20
2014 余志強(ER TZE KIONG)、Chih-Chieh C(Chih-Chieh Chen)、Marta Herrer(Marta Herreros-Villanueva)*, Clinical relevance of KRAS mutations in codon 13: where are we?, CANCER LETTERS, vol.343 no.1 pp.1-5
2014 余志強(ER TZE KIONG)、Chen CC(Chen CC)、Chien YH(Chien YH)、Liang WC(Liang WC)、Kan TM(Kan TM)、Jong YJ(Jong YJ)*, Development of a feasible assay for the detection of GAA mutations in patients with Pompe disease., CLINICA CHIMICA ACTA, vol.2014 no.429 pp.18-25
Project Title Participator Period
Beckman Coulter Access PCT與Diazyme PCT 運用於敗血症診斷之研究 余志強(ER TZE KIONG) 2019.08 ~ 2020.01
運用次世代定序技術探查子宮內膜異位症相關基因變異 余志強(ER TZE KIONG) 2019.08 ~ 2020.07
評估三種基因檢測方法測定CALR基因突變 余志強(ER TZE KIONG) 2018.08 ~ 2019.07
自動化系統對於檢驗前有效性之評估 (20191118211847) 余志強(ER TZE KIONG) 2018.06 ~ 2018.12
利用標的基因定序及功能性實驗探討內膜異位症惡形轉化之分子基轉 (20191118212039) 余志強(ER TZE KIONG) 2016.08 ~ 2017.07
Category Course Code Course Title Year
大學日間部 TM300009A 實驗室安全 110
大學日間部 TM300018B 分子生物學 110
碩士在職專班 EB400455A 分子生物學 110
大學日間部 TM300009B 實驗室安全 109
大學日間部 TM300009A 實驗室安全 109
大學日間部 TK300050A 臨床檢驗與判讀 109