Cheng-Fang Tsai
Name Cheng-Fang Tsai
Status Associate Professors
Job title Associate Professor
Tel 04-23323456#1866
Office/Lab I418/H507
Education Ph.D., Food Science, National Taiwan University, Taiwan
Areas of Research Biochemistry
Teaching Courses Biochemistry, Microbiology, Nanobiotechnology
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Year Paper Title
2021 Ching-Kai Sh、Bor-Ren Huan、Wei-Lan Yeh、Chao-Wei Che、Yu-Shu Liu、Sheng-Wei La、Wen-Pei Tsen、Dah-Yuu Lu、蔡政芳(Cheng-Fang Tsai)*, Regulatory effects of IL-1β in the interaction of GBM and tumor-associated monocyte through VCAM-1 and ICAM-1, EUROPEAN JOURNAL OF PHARMACOLOGY, vol.905 pp.174216-174216
2019 蔡政芳(Cheng-Fang Tsai)、Jia-Hong Che(Jia-Hong Chen)、Wei-Lan Yeh(Wei-Lan Yeh)*, Pulmonary fibroblasts-secreted CXCL10 polarizes alveolar macrophages under pro-inflammatory stimuli, TOXICOLOGY AND APPLIED PHARMACOLOGY, vol.380 pp.114698-
2019 Sheng-Wei La(Sheng-Wei Lai)、Yu-Shu Liu(Yu-Shu Liu)、Dah-Yuu Lu(Dah-Yuu Lu)、蔡政芳(Cheng-Fang Tsai)*, Melatonin Modulates the Microenvironment of Glioblastoma Multiforme by Targeting Sirtuin 1, Nutrients, vol.11 pp.1343-
2019 蔡政芳(Cheng-Fang Tsai)、Jia-Hong Che(Jia-Hong Chen)、Chen-Teng Wu(Chen-Teng Wu)、張培均(Pei-Chun Chang)、Shu-Lin Wang(Shu-Lin Wang)、Wei-Lan Yeh(Wei-Lan Yeh)*, Induction of osteoclast-like cell formation by leptin-induced soluble intercellular adhesion molecule secreted from cancer cells, Therapeutic Advances in Medical Oncology, vol.11 pp.1-20
2019 Ya-Zhen Li#(Ya-Zhen Li#)、Jia-Hong Che(Jia-Hong Chen#)、蔡政芳(視同第二作者)(Cheng-Fang Tsai)、Wei-Lan Yeh(Wei-Lan Yeh)*, Anti- inflammatory Property of Imperatorin on Alveolar Macrophages and Inflammatory Lung Injury, JOURNAL OF NATURAL PRODUCTS, vol.82 pp.1002-1008
2019 Bor-Ren Huan(Bor-Ren Huang)、蔡政芳、Dah-Yuu Lu(Dah-Yuu Lu)*, Pro-Inflammatory Stimuli Influence Expression of Intercellular Adhesion Molecule 1 in Human Anulus Fibrosus Cells through FAK/ERK/GSK3 and PKCδ Signaling Pathways, INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF MOLECULAR SCIENCES, vol.20 pp.77-
2018 Yu-Shu Liu(Yu-Shu Liu)、Jhih-Wen Hsu(Jhih-Wen Hsu)、Hsiao-Yun Li(Hsiao-Yun Lin)、Sheng-Wei La(Sheng-Wei Lai)、Bor-Ren Huan(Bor-Ren Huan)、蔡政芳(Cheng-Fang Tsai)、Dah-Yuu Lu(Dah-Yuu Lu)*, Bradykinin B1 receptor contributes to interleukin-8 production and glioblastoma migration through interaction of STAT3 and SP-1, NEUROPHARMACOLOGY, vol.144 pp.143-154
2018 蔡政芳(Cheng-Fang Tsai)、Jia-Hong Che(Jia-Hong Chen)、Chen-Ni Chan(Chen-Ni Chang)、Dah-Yuu Lu(Dah-Yuu Lu)、Pei-Chun Cha(Pei-Chun Chang)、Shu-Lin Wang(Shu-Lin Wang)、Wei-Lan Yeh(Wei-Lan Yeh)*, Fisetin inhibits cell migration via inducing HO-1 and reducing MMPs expression in breast cancer cell lines, FOOD AND CHEMICAL TOXICOLOGY, vol.120 pp.528-535
2018 Sheng-Wei La(Sheng-Wei Lai)、蔡政芳(Cheng-Fang Tsai)、Dah-Yuu Lu(Dah-Yuu Lu)*, Regulatory Effects of Neuroinflammatory Responses Through Brain-Derived Neurotrophic Factor Signaling in Microglial Cells, MOLECULAR NEUROBIOLOGY, vol.doi:
2018 Sheng-Wei La(Sheng-Wei Lai)、蔡政芳(Cheng-Fang Tsai)、Dah-Yuu Lu(Dah-Yuu Lu)*, Differential Characterization of Temozolomide-Resistant Human Glioma Cells, INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF MOLECULAR SCIENCES, vol.19 pp.127-
2017 蔡政芳(Cheng-Fang Tsai)、Yu-Kai Cheng(Yu-Kai Cheng)、Dah-Yuu Lu(Dah-Yuu Lu)、Shu-Lin Wang(Shu-Lin Wang)、Chen-Ni Chan(Chen-Ni Chang)、張培均(Pei-Chun Chang)、Wei-Lan Yeh(Wei-Lan Yeh), Inhibition of estrogen receptor reduces connexin 43 expression in breast, TOXICOLOGY AND APPLIED PHARMACOLOGY, vol.338 pp.182-190
2017 Bor-Ren Huan(Bor-Ren Huang)、蔡政芳(Cheng-Fang Tsai)、Dah-Yuu Lu(Dah-Yuu Lu)*, EGFR is a pivotal regulator of thrombin-mediated inflammation in primary human nucleus pulposus culture, Scientific Reports, vol.7 pp.8587-
2017 Wei-Lan Yeh(Wei-Lan Yeh)*、蔡政芳(Cheng-Fang Tsai)、Dar-Ren Chen(Dar-Ren Chen), Peri-foci adipose-derived stem cells promote chemoresistance in breast cancer, Stem Cell Research & Therapy, vol.8 pp.177-188
2016 Chen JH(Chen JH)、蔡政芳(Cheng-Fang Tsai), Interlukin-18 Is a Pivot Regulatory Factor on Matrix Metalloproteinase-13 Expression and Brain Astrocytic Migration., MOLECULAR NEUROBIOLOGY, vol.53 pp.6218-6227
2016 Lin HY(Lin HY)、蔡政芳(Cheng-Fang Tsai), Cobalt Protoporphyrin Upregulates Cyclooxygenase-2 Expression Through a Heme Oxygenase-Independent Mechanism., MOLECULAR NEUROBIOLOGY, vol.53 pp.4497-4508
2016 蔡政芳(Cheng-Fang Tsai), Naringenin Suppresses Neuroinflammatory Responses through Inducing Suppressor of Cytokine Signaling 3 Expression, MOLECULAR NEUROBIOLOGY, vol.53 no.2 pp.1080-1091
2015 蔡政芳(Cheng-Fang Tsai), Regulatory Effects of Caffeic Acid Phenethyl Ester on Neuroinflammation in Microglial Cells, INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF MOLECULAR SCIENCES, vol.16 pp.5572-5589
2014 蔡政芳(Cheng-Fang Tsai), Regulatory Effects of Fisetin on Microglial Activation, MOLECULES, vol.19 pp.8820-8839
2014 Ssu-Ming Hua(Ssu-Ming Huang)、蔡政芳(Cheng-Fang Tsai)、Dar-Ren Chen(Dar-Ren Chen)、Min-Ying Wan(Min-Ying Wang)、Wei-Lan Yeh(Wei-Lan Yeh), p53 Is a Key Regulator for Osthole-Triggered Cancer Pathogenesis, JOURNAL OF BIOMEDICINE AND BIOTECHNOLOGY, vol.2014 pp.ID 175247,-1-9 p
2014 蔡政芳(Cheng-Fang Tsai), Exogenous endothelin-1 induces cell migration and matrix metalloproteinase expression in U251 human glioblastoma multiforme, JOURNAL OF NEURO-ONCOLOGY, vol.118 no.2 pp.257-269
2014 蔡政芳(Cheng-Fang Tsai), Osthole Suppresses the Migratory Ability of Human Glioblastoma Multiforme Cells via Inhibition of Focal Adhesion Kinase-Mediated Matrix Metalloproteinase-13 Expression, INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF MOLECULAR SCIENCES, vol.15 pp.3889-3903
2014 蔡政芳(Cheng-Fang Tsai), Anti-Neuroinflammatory Effects of the Calcium Channel Blocker Nicardipine on Microglial Cells: Implications for Neuroprotection, PLoS One, vol.9 no.3 pp.e91167-e91167
2013 蔡政芳(Cheng-Fang Tsai), Glial cell line-derived neurotrophic factor induces cell migration in human oral squamous cell carcinoma, ORAL ONCOLOGY, vol.49 pp.1103-1112
2013 Bor-Ren Huan(Bor-Ren Huang)、蔡政芳(Cheng-Fang Tsai)、Hsiao-Yun Li(Hsiao-Yun Lin)、Wen-Pei Tsen(Wen-Pei Tseng)、Shiang-Suo H(Shiang-Suo Huang)、Chi-Rei Wu(Chi-Rei Wu)、Chingju Lin(Chingju Lin)、Wei-Lan Yeh(Wei-Lan Yeh)、Dah-Yuu Lu(Dah-Yuu Lu), Interaction of inflammatory and anti-inflammatory responses in microglia by Staphylococcus aureus-derived lipoteichoic acid, TOXICOLOGY AND APPLIED PHARMACOLOGY, vol.269 pp.43-50
2013 蔡政芳(Cheng-Fang Tsai), Growth inhibition and antioxidative status induced by selenium-enriched broccoli extract and selenocompounds in DNA mismatch repair-deficient human colon cancer cells, FOOD CHEMISTRY, vol.139 pp.267-273
2012 蔡政芳(Cheng-Fang Tsai), Wogonin Induces Reactive Oxygen Species Production and Cell Apoptosis in Human Glioma Cancer Cells, INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF MOLECULAR SCIENCES, vol.13 pp.9877-9892
2012 蔡政芳(Cheng-Fang Tsai), Berberine induces heme oxygenase-1 up-regulation through phosphatidylinositol 3-kinase/AKT and NF-E2-related factor-2 signaling pathway in astrocytes, INTERNATIONAL IMMUNOPHARMACOLOGY, vol.12 no.1 pp.94-100
2011 蔡政芳(Cheng-Fang Tsai), A Comparative study of the second-order hydrophobic moments for globular proteins: The consensus scale of hydrophobicity and the CHARMM Partial atomic charges., INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF MOLECULAR SCIENCES, vol.12 pp.8449-8465
2011 蔡政芳(Cheng-Fang Tsai), Antibacterial characteristics and activity of water-soluble chitosan derivatives prepared by the Maillard Reaction., MOLECULES, vol.16 pp.8504-8514
2011 蔡政芳(Cheng-Fang Tsai)、盧大宇(Dah-Yuu Lu), Ghrelin induces cell migration through GHS-R, CaMKII, AMPK and NF-kappaB signaling pathway in glioma cells, JOURNAL OF CELLULAR BIOCHEMISTRY, vol.112 no.10 pp.2931-2941
2011 蔡政芳(Cheng-Fang Tsai)*, Antioxidant Properties and Antioxidant Compounds of Various Extracts from the Edible Basidiomycete Grifola Frondosa (Maitake), MOLECULES, vol.16 pp.3197-3211
2006 蔡政芳(Cheng-Fang Tsai)*, Preparation and characterization of water-soluble chitosan produced by Maillard reaction., FISHERIES SCIENCE, vol.72 pp.1096-1103
2003 蔡政芳(Cheng-Fang Tsai)*, A comparative analysis of two cDNA clones of the cellulase gene family from anaerobic fungus Piromyces rhizinflata., ANAEROBE, vol.9 pp.131-140
2001 蔡政芳(Cheng-Fang Tsai), The linker domain of a Piromyces rhizinflata endoglucanase stabilizes the protein expressed in E.coli. Enzyme and Microbial Technology., ENZYME AND MICROBIAL TECHNOLOGY, vol.28 no.7-8 pp.582-589
Paper Title
Chih-Ying Chen、蔡政芳(Cheng-Fang Tsai)、張培均(Pei-Chun Chang), The Potential Dual, target Inhibitors for HER2/HSP90 Proteins from Traditional Chinese Medicine , 台灣/台中
Chia-Min Chen、蔡政芳(Cheng-Fang Tsai)、張培均(Pei-Chun Chang), Discovery of TCM compounds for inhibiting acute myeloid leukemia , 2019年中亞聯大生物科技研討會, 台灣/台中
Lu、蔡政芳(Cheng-Fang Tsai), Bradykinin B1 receptor contributes to interleukin, 8 production and glioblastoma migration through interaction of STAT3 and SP, 台灣/台中
Wei-Lan Yeh、蔡政芳(Cheng-Fang Tsai)、Dar-Ren Chen, Peri, foci adipose, 台灣/台北
Yu-Shu Liu、蔡政芳(Cheng-Fang Tsai)、Dah-Yuu Lu, Bradykinin induces cell migration and interleukin, 8 production through the bradykinin B1 receptor in glioblastoma , USA/Washington, DC
Yali Xiao、Ssu-Min Fang、Yun-Hsin Tsou、蔡政芳(Cheng-Fang Tsai)、張培均(Pei-Chun Chang), The Potential Inhibitors in Chinese Traditional Medicine for Bcr, AblT315I Mutation of Chronic Myelogenous Leukemia , Hong Kong
Lin, H. Y、蔡政芳(Cheng-Fang Tsai)、張培均(Pei-Chun Chang)、Lin, H. Y, Naringenin Suppresses Neuroinflammatory Responses Through Inducing Suppressor of Cytokine Signaling 3 Expression , 103學年度研發日暨中亞聯大兩校合作學術研討會, 台中
Lin, H. Y、張培均(Pei-Chun Chang)、蔡政芳(Cheng-Fang Tsai)、Lu, D. Y., Regulatory Effects of Fisetin on Microglial Activation , 103 學年度研發日暨中亞聯大兩校合作學術研討會, 台中
郭家珍、蔡政芳(Cheng-Fang Tsai)、張培均(Pei-Chun Chang)、許承瑜(Sheu, Phillip C.Y.)、蔡進發(JEFFREY J. P. TSAI), Molecular dynamics studies of the TCM compounds for inhibition of in, stent restenosis in coronary atherosclerosis , 台中
范剛紳、蔡政芳(Cheng-Fang Tsai)、張培均(Pei-Chun Chang), Mining the potential compounds of lowering cholesterol from natural products. , 第八屆亞洲大學暨中國醫藥大學生物科技暨食品安全研討會, 台中
Neuroprotective effect of the calcium channel blocker nicardipine onmicroglial cells. Molecular & Cellular Neurobiology: Exploring the Frontiers of Foundational and Translational Neuroscience , Molecular & Cellular Neurobiology: Exploring the Frontiers of Foundational and Translational Neuroscience., Gordon Research Seminar/The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, Hong Kong
蔡政芳(Cheng-Fang Tsai)、吳馨柔、李維元、張培均, Cloning and expression of two homologous cellulase genes from anaerobic fungus Piromyces rhizinflata: Homology modeling, structural comparison and characterization , 第七屆中國醫藥大學暨亞洲大學生物科技研討會, 中國醫藥大學
蕭凱文、李維元、吳馨柔、蔡政芳(Cheng-Fang Tsai), Doxorubicin, incorporated nanoparticles composed of chitosan and antitumor activity against MCF, 中國醫藥大學
盧政昆、蔡政芳(Cheng-Fang Tsai), Caffeic Acid as A Neuroinflammatiory Inhibitor with Antioxidant Properties in Microglial Activation , 第二十九屆生物醫學聯合學術年會, 台北
Dah-Yuu Lu、蔡政芳(Cheng-Fang Tsai)、Wei-Lan Yeh, Osthole Suppresses the Migratory Ability of Human Brain Tumor , International Institute of Chemical, Biological & Environmental Engineering, Bali, Indonesia.
蔡政芳(Cheng-Fang Tsai)、吳馨柔、李維元、張培均, Characterization of two homologous cellulase genes from anaerobic fungus Piromyces rhizinflata: Cloning, expression and molecular structures , 台灣食品科學技術學會第43次會員大會, 東海大學
蕭凱文、李維元、吳馨柔、蔡政芳(Cheng-Fang Tsai), Doxorubicin, incorporated nanoparticles composed of chitosan and antitumor activity against MCF, 東海大學
2013亞洲大學與中國醫藥大學兩校合作學術研討會台中, 亞洲大學
蔡政芳(Cheng-Fang Tsai), Characterization of nanoparticles with low molecular weight chitosan for oral Doxorubicin delivery , 第五屆中國醫藥大學暨亞洲大學生物科技研討會, 中國醫藥大學
蔡政芳(Cheng-Fang Tsai), Preparation of novel nanoparticles and their applications on the encapsulation of Grifola frondosa extracts , 第五屆中國醫藥大學暨亞洲大學生物科技研討會, 中國醫藥大學
蔡政芳(Cheng-Fang Tsai), Adipokines induce cell migration in brain tumor , 2011 亞洲大學與中國醫藥大學兩校合作學術研討會論, 亞洲大學
蔡政芳(Cheng-Fang Tsai), Choquet Integral Algorithm for T, cell Epitope Prediction Based on Fuzzy Measure. , 上海
蔡政芳(Cheng-Fang Tsai), Coupling Effects of Amino Acids in T, cell Epitope Prediction. , 新加坡
蔡政芳(Cheng-Fang Tsai), Studies on antioxidative activity and antioxidant components of methanolic extracts from Ixeris laevigata. , 第三屆亞洲大學暨中國醫藥大學生物科技研討會, 亞洲大學
蔡政芳(Cheng-Fang Tsai), 幾丁聚醣, 茄紅素奈米粒製備及其特性探討 , 亞洲大學
蔡政芳(Cheng-Fang Tsai), Novel nanoparticles for anti, cancer drug delivery system. , 亞洲大學
蔡政芳(Cheng-Fang Tsai), Antioxidant properties of the extracts from Grifola frondosa varieties BT, 5 , 亞洲大學
蔡政芳(Cheng-Fang Tsai), Antioxidant properties of the extracts from Grifola frondosa. , 第二屆中國醫藥大學暨亞洲大學生物科技研討會, 中國醫藥大學
蔡政芳(Cheng-Fang Tsai), Antioxidant activity of the Taiwan Folk Medicine Ixeris laevigata var. oldhami. , 第二屆中國醫藥大學暨亞洲大學生物科技研討會, 中國醫藥大學
蔡政芳(Cheng-Fang Tsai), 半胱胺酸蛋白酶抑制劑之分子嵌合 , 第十一屆中西醫學研討會, 中國醫藥大學
蔡政芳(Cheng-Fang Tsai)、李錦楓(Chin-Fung Li), Antibacterial effects of water soluble chitosan derivatives against Staphylococcus aureus and Escherichia coli. , 2008幾丁質幾丁聚醣研討會,台南,台灣。2008/05., 成功大學
蔡政芳(Cheng-Fang Tsai), 蛋白質熱穩定性之分子動力學模擬 , 國立台東大學第三屆生物資訊研討會, 國立台東大學
蔡政芳(Cheng-Fang Tsai), Antibacterial activity of water soluble chitosan derivatives prepared by Maillard reaction. , 2007幾丁質幾丁聚醣年會暨研討會, 萬能科大學桃園
蔡政芳(Cheng-Fang Tsai), 水晶蘭萃液在小鼠巨噬細胞株中對一氧化氮及前發炎標記物的作用評估 , 中華民國營養學會第三十二屆年會暨學術研討會, 台中
蔡政芳(Cheng-Fang Tsai), 水晶蘭萃取液的抗氧化活性 , 台灣保健食品學會第八次(第四屆第二次)會員大會, 台中
Project Title Participator Period
探討Sirtuin 1做為調控多形性膠質母細胞瘤微環境之標的: 以melatonin為例 (MOST 108-2320-B-468-003) 蔡政芳(Cheng-Fang Tsai) 2019.08 ~ 2020.07
神經退化與腦腫瘤調節機制探討 (CMU107-ASIA-16) 蔡政芳(Cheng-Fang Tsai) 2018.08 ~ 2019.07
薑黃素及多酚類在惡性腦瘤化學治療的輔助作用(3/3) (MOST 105-2320-B-468 -004 -MY3) 蔡政芳(Cheng-Fang Tsai) 2018.08 ~ 2019.07
舞菇萃取物生理活性研究:抗氧化及保肝效果功效評估 (107-2813-C-468-127-B) 蔡政芳(Cheng-Fang Tsai) 2018.07 ~ 2019.02
薑黃素及多酚類在惡性腦瘤化學治療的輔助作用 (延攬博士後研究人才) (MOST 106-2811-B-468-001) 蔡政芳(Cheng-Fang Tsai) 2017.09 ~ 2018.07
薑黃素及多酚類在惡性腦瘤化學治療的輔助作用(2/3) (MOST 105-2320-B-468 -004 -MY3) 蔡政芳(Cheng-Fang Tsai) 2017.08 ~ 2018.07
奈米化抗癌藥物與薑黃協同毒殺惡性腫瘤細胞 (105 -asia -13) 蔡政芳(Cheng-Fang Tsai) 2017.04 ~ 2018.03
薑黃素及多酚類在惡性腦瘤化學治療的輔助作用(1/3) (MOST 105-2320-B-468 -004 -MY3) 蔡政芳(Cheng-Fang Tsai) 2016.08 ~ 2017.07
奈米化抗癌藥物與多酚類協同毒殺惡性腫瘤細胞 (104-asia-01) 蔡政芳(Cheng-Fang Tsai) 2016.03 ~ 2017.02
探討天然物及中草藥用於神經疾病 (ASIA104-CMUH-18) 蔡政芳(Cheng-Fang Tsai) 2015.09 ~ 2016.08
探討神經退化與腦瘤轉移之調節機制並發展具潛力藥物 (CMU103-ASIA-02) 蔡政芳(Cheng-Fang Tsai) 2015.08 ~ 2016.07
探討丹皮酚對神經與行為損害的保護作用 (MOST 104-2320-B-468-002 -) 蔡政芳(Cheng-Fang Tsai) 2015.08 ~ 2016.07
奈米化Camptothecin與兒茶素協同毒殺惡性腫瘤細胞 (103-asia-03) 蔡政芳(Cheng-Fang Tsai) 2015.02 ~ 2016.01
神經性發炎反應與退化機制之研究 (CMU102-ASIA-24) 蔡政芳(Cheng-Fang Tsai) 2014.07 ~ 2015.06
奈化米Irinotecan與表沒食子兒茶素沒食子酸酯協同毒殺惡性腫瘤細胞 (102-asia-10) 蔡政芳(Cheng-Fang Tsai) 2014.02 ~ 2015.01
神經性發炎與神經膠細胞之研究 (CMU101-ASIA-10) 蔡政芳(Cheng-Fang Tsai) 2013.06 ~ 2014.05
舞菇粗多醣體對細胞之抗氧化及保肝活性研究 (101-asia-41) 2013.02 ~ 2014.01
膠質細胞活化對腫瘤細胞的影響 (CMU100-ASIA-5) 2012.05 ~ 2013.05
舞菇萃取物對於脂多糖(LPS)誘導小鼠巨噬細胞的抗發炎作用之研究 (100-asia-14) 2011.12 ~ 2012.11
發炎反應與腫瘤細胞的調節作用-胃泌胜?對膠質細胞癌轉移的調節機制探討 (CMU99-ASIA-20) 蔡政芳(Cheng-Fang Tsai) 2011.01 ~ 2011.12
新穎奈米微粒載體於包覆舞菇萃取物上之應用 (99-A-01) 蔡政芳(Cheng-Fang Tsai) 2010.08 ~ 2011.07
Louisianin A及其衍生物之生物活性評估-子計畫二:Louisianin A 及其衍生物之抗菌活性及抗氧化效能分析 (98-ASIA-07-2) 蔡政芳(Cheng-Fang Tsai) 2009.08 ~ 2010.07
Louisianin A及其衍生物之生物活性評估-子計畫三:Louisianin A及其衍生物對人類癌細胞株生長之影響及其機制 (98-ASIA-07-3) 葉貞吟(Jan-Ying Yeh)、蔡政芳(Cheng-Fang Tsai) 2009.08 ~ 2010.07
幾丁聚醣-茄紅素奈米粒製備及其特性探討 (NSC 98-2815-C-468-003-E) 蔡政芳(Cheng-Fang Tsai) 2009.07 ~ 2010.02
舞菇機能性成分之研究與產品開發 (第二年) (20110423154133) 施養佳(Yang-Chia Shih)、蔡政芳(Cheng-Fang Tsai) 2009.01 ~ 2009.12
新穎奈米微粒載體於抗癌藥物傳遞的研究 (NSC 97-2221-E-468 -001 ) 蔡政芳(Cheng-Fang Tsai) 2008.08 ~ 2009.07
菌異營型中草藥之基礎及應用研究-水晶蘭與錫杖花-子計畫三:水晶蘭與錫杖花萃取物的細胞與動物抗氧化及抗發炎之效能評估(第二年) (20110423153902) 許成光(Cheng-Kuang Hsu)、蔡政芳(Cheng-Fang Tsai) 2008.08 ~ 2009.07
舞菇機能性成分之研究與產品開發(第一年) (960000148) 施養佳(Yang-Chia Shih)、蔡政芳(Cheng-Fang Tsai) 2008.05 ~ 2008.12
菌異營型中草藥之基礎及應用研究-水晶蘭與錫杖花-子計畫三:水晶蘭與錫杖花萃取物的細胞與動物抗氧化及抗發炎之效能評估(第一年) (20110423153749) 許成光(Cheng-Kuang Hsu)、蔡政芳(Cheng-Fang Tsai) 2006.08 ~ 2008.07
不同去乙醯度及分子量之幾丁聚醣與幾丁寡糖之抗氧化活性與抗致突變性 (NSC 93-2313-B-468-001) 2004.08 ~ 2004.07
以梅納反應製備水溶性幾丁聚醣及其抑菌機制 (NSC 92-2214-E-468-001) 2003.08 ~ 2003.07
以梅納反應製備水溶性幾丁聚醣及其理化與流變特性 (NSC 91-2214-E-468-001) 2002.08 ~ 2003.07
天然藥物對神經性發炎的調節作用 (CMU103-ASIA-02) 蔡政芳(Cheng-Fang Tsai)
Category Course Code Course Title Year
大學日間部 TM300107A 蛋白質體學 110
大學日間部 TM300011A 生物化學(一) 110
大學日間部 GRG00051Q 健康與生活 110
大學日間部 GRG00051O 健康與生活 110
大學日間部 GRG00051F 健康與生活 110
大學日間部 GOG00434A 食品安全面面觀-4 110
大學日間部 TM300009A 實驗室安全 110
大學日間部 TM300160A 精準生物醫學概論 110
大學日間部 TM300014A 微生物及免疫學 (一) 110
大學日間部 TM300011B 生物化學(一) 110
大學日間部 TM300011B 生物化學(一) 110
大學日間部 GRG00051C 健康與生活 110
大學日間部 GRG00051A 健康與生活 110
大學日間部 TM300108A 基因工程 109
大學日間部 TM300094B 生物化學(二) 109
大學日間部 TM300094A 生物化學(二) 109
大學日間部 TM300009B 實驗室安全 109
大學日間部 TM300009A 實驗室安全 109
研究所碩士班 TM200015A 專題討論(四) 109
進修學士班 M0500017B 學輔時間(四) 109
大學日間部 GRG00051I 健康與生活 109
大學日間部 GRG00051D 健康與生活 109
大學日間部 GRG00051B 健康與生活 109
大學日間部 GRG00051A 健康與生活 109
大學日間部 GOG00434A 食品安全面面觀-4 109