[Health Center/Sanitary & Health Services] Precautions for Freshmen's Health Check and Payment

Hello, freshmen:

Welcome to join the Asian University family. Due to the COVID-19 epidemic this year, the new health check method is planned in accordance with the epidemic alert standards of the Central Epidemic Command Center and the principle of response. If the epidemic changes, the policy of the Central Epidemic Command Center or the Ministry of Education will be adjusted in a rolling manner. , Please always pay attention to the announcement or e-mail notice in the student health examination area of ​​the Health Center to avoid delays in the examination and submission of reports.

Important reminder
(1) Freshmen of each school system, students who transfer from this school (transfer), and former students who apply for accommodation for the first time must complete the information filling and payment. Withdrawal, scoring inquiry"... and other tasks.
(2) In order to ensure the safety of public health on campus and the rights of all boarding students, all the information filled in shall be responsible for not filling in false information. If there are doubts affecting public health safety, the related derivative expenses shall be borne by themselves.

Please refer to the health center webpage or dial the extension 3250~3254 for inquiries