Yu-Feng Lin
Name Yu-Feng Lin
Job title Assistant Professor
Education Ph.D., Bioinformatics and system biology, National Chiao-Tung University, Taiwan
Email yflin@asia.edu.tw
Tel 20063
Office/Lab HB63
Areas of Research Bioinformatics, System Biology
Year Paper Title
2022 Chih-Hao Lu、Sung-Tai Wei、Jia-Jun Liu、Yu-Jen Chang、林玉鳳(Lin Yu-Feng)、Chin-Sheng Yu、Sunny Li-Yun Chang(Sunny Li-Yun Chang)*, Recognition of a Novel Gene Signature for Human Glioblastoma, INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF MOLECULAR SCIENCES, vol.23 no.8 pp.4157-
2022 林玉鳳(Lin Yu-Feng)、Liu Jia-Jun、Yu-Jen Chang、Chin-Sheng Yu、Wei Yi、Hsien-Yuan Lane、Chih-Hao Lu(Chih-Hao Lu)*, Predicting Anticancer Drug Resistance Mediated by Mutations, Pharmaceuticals
2021 Jeffrey Yung-chuan Chao、Hsin-Chuan Chang、Jeng-Kai Jiang、Chih-Yung Yang、Fang-Hsin Chen、Yo-Liang Lai、Wen-Jen Lin、Chia-Yang Li、Shu-Chi Wang、Muh-Hwa Yang、林玉鳳(Lin Yu-Feng)*, Using bioinformatics approaches to investigate driver genes and identify BCL7A as a prognostic gene in colorectal cancer., Computational and Structural Biotechnology Journal, vol.19 no.2021 pp.3922-3929
2021 Shu-Hsuan Liu、Kai-Wen Hsu、Yo-Liang Lai、林玉鳳(Lin Yu-Feng)、Fang-Hsin Chen、Pei-Hwa Peng、Li-Jie Lin、Heng-Hsiung Wu、Chia-Yang Li、Wei-Chung Cheng(Wei-Chung Cheng)*, Systematic identification of clinically relevant miRNAs for potential miRNA-basedtherapy in lung adenocarcinoma., Molecular Therapy-Nucleic Acids, vol.25 no.2021 pp.1-10
2021 Yu-Jen Chang、Cheng-Yun Yeh、Ju-Chien Cheng、Yu-Qi Huang、Kai-Cheng Hsu、林玉鳳(Lin Yu-Feng)、Chih-Hao Lu(Chih-Hao Lu)*, Potent sialic acid inhibitors that target influenza A virus hemagglutinin., Scientific Reports, vol.11 no.2021 pp.8637-
Project Title Participator Period
以人工智慧利用骨肉瘤之基因特徵建立肺部轉移及生存率之預測模型 (ASIA-109-CMUH-10) 林玉鳳(Lin Yu-Feng) 2020.11 ~ 2021.10
Category Course Code Course Title Year
大學日間部 TM300149B 學輔時間(三) 111