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Strengths and Development

For Undergraduate students:

The basic literacy and core abilities of the university department of this department are "Cultivating a healthy body and mind", "Teamwork and professional attitude", "Speaking and communication skills", "Logical thinking skills", "Medical testing expertise", and "International perspective" .

According to core competencies, students can go to hospitals, biotechnology, and medical-related industries after graduation. 

Qualification for Medical Examiner:

According to the requirements of the Examination and Selection Department, graduates of this department must complete clinical internship courses, and those who pass the examination can apply for the advanced technical examination of medical examiners to obtain medical examiner certificates. This department has a "Clinical Medical Examination" course, which can be taken by students in the Medical Examination Group and the Biotechnology Group. Students can propose to take the "Clinical Medical Examination" course in accordance with the regulations of the university department. Participate in clinical practice in accordance with relevant regulations. After the internship is qualified, the department will conduct professional license tutoring classes to improve the national examination test rate of the department.

For post-graduate students:

The basic literacy and core competencies of this institute are "Scientific logic and R & D capabilities", "Experimental planning and design capabilities", "Speaking expression and communication skills", Logical thinking skills", "Advanced medical laboratory expertise", "International Field of view".

According to core competencies, students can go to biotechnology and medical-related industries after graduation.